This test helps you to identify the global citizenship skills you have, and at what level. The test takes about 30 minutes to complete although it depends on your skill level and how many examples you complete.

After asking a few personal questions, the test measures each skill through a series of tick boxes;  you simply choose the box that applies best to you. It is a self-assessment so the results will only be useful if you complete it honestly.

The test gives you the possibility to use any of your experiences (volunteering, work, hobbies, home life, etc) to answer the statements and to give (optional) examples. You can decide not to give examples but the results will be more useful to you if you complete the examples because:

  • Your results will link the skills you have to examples - you can copy and paste these straight into application forms or your CV
  • Reflecting on examples helps you to answer the questions
  • The examples prove you have achieved the skill level

After completing the test, you’ll receive a feedback report with your results and the examples, as well as some advice on how to reach the next level. At the end of the test you can:

  • generate a certificate in pdf format, which you can present in an application or training file
  • download your results in pdf format, with tips for progress and the examples you have written. 

How we will use and store your data

Each of the project partners will have access to the information you share with us. It won’t be public. We will only use it for the project and not for other purposes. We will share anonymised data in reports and articles to support the work of volunteering organisations and publish about the relevance of volunteering for skill improvement.

Who are we?

We are four organisations in three countries and are working to deliver this Erasmus+ funded project. The project partners are: